head shots manchester

 Capturing the essence of a persons personality and potential in a headshot is a real skill, and a challenge I love to accept.     

Be it for business, an actor’s headshot or to promote an artists’ next tour – first impressions are important and part of your personal or corporate brand. Headshot can help to make you memorable and build instant trust. 

Corporate Head Shots:

I know for corporate head shots that time is important. With my portable studio (which includes an array of lighting options) I can adapt to any situation. Not everybody is comfortable in front of the camera and it’s part of my job to help you relax and work with you to get the shot that you want.

Actors Head Shots: 

Your ‘Spotlight’ page and casting head shots are crucial. I believe this shot should be a collaboration between me and you: you know how you want to be portrayed so let’s work together to give potential employers and casting directors the best first impression.

Artists Promotional Head Shots

This is where we get to be extra creative and really have fun! Join me in a creative adventure as we explore how to really get you noticed. Creative clients include Alun Cochrane, Nina Gilligan, Roger McGough and a whole host of local, brilliant artists.   

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