head shots manchester

Be it business or actors headshots first impressions are important, it’s part of your personal brand. You need a headshot to set you apart from everyone else, one that people will remember and trust.

I know for corporate head shots time is important, with our portable studio we can adapt to any situation, we know though that not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera, it’s part of my job to help you relax and work with you to get the shot that you want.

For Actors Your Spotlight page and casting head shots are important, we believe this shot should be a collaboration between us and you, you know how you want to be portrayed so lets work together to give potential employers and casting directors the best first impression.

The Headshot can and should get you shorstlisted and auditioned, it’s your brand. Headshots arent really about your acting tallent  its your acting that gets you your jobs but a good head shot is a massive first step to opening doors.

If its dramatic lighting or soft natural lighting we can handle this. We have even shot headshots using our Hassleblad film camera9its the second image in the slide show) before now because after discussion we felt that this was the best method for the particular client, nothing is too much trouble to get the right result

There is some very nice advice on headshots from someone who knows HERE