Baby Booth Photography

Baby Booth Photography

I’ve found myself with an ususual but delightful nische – that of baby booth photography. My biggest client are Libraries across the North West.

Its a ‘win win’ for all involved with my unique payment structure. Venues get the opportunity to increase visitors through the door and gain a loyal group of families. Parents and carers leave with a very reasonable image of their child and then have the opportunity to purchase the whole digital gallery at a very reasonable cost.

I bring my portable studio and everything thats needed for the shoot. The venue just needs to provide a room and market the event.

Clients include: Oldham Library, Bolton Library, Plus venues such as Lees Dance School and The Settlement, Manchester. 

Due to the nature of this work, I am unable to hsare most of the images that I take. (believe me – they are adorable!) Please contact me for more info and to see an example of my work. 


To discuss a project or for a free quote, please get in touch!