Tim Simpson Photography’s Team at The British Scooter Racing Championships 2017.

Our team is a few races into this years’ British Scooter Racing Championships. (BSSO) We are racing a classic Lambretta and as motorsport tends to go – there have been ups and downs. We have had mostly ‘ups’ though because even a bad weekend racing is a brilliant weekend.

The first image is of me (Tim Simpson) at the British Scooter Racing Championships, and the rest of the scooter photographs are by me. 

I love taking photos and I also love racing – so you could say this is the perfect weekend for me! 

If anyone is thinking “you can’t race a scooter”… one Casa Lambretta rider (an Italian team who competed in our championship last year) was only half a second off the outright lap record at Lydon Hill.

And at Mallory Park this year – a group 4 rider (not the fastest group) was only 4 seconds off Kevin Schwantz’s time on a 500cc Grand Prix bike! Now that IS impressive! 

You can check our more of my Scooter and transport related photographs on the automotive page of my website.

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