Scooter Racing Photography

Scooter Racing Photography – As Featured in Scootering Magazine.

I’ve always been interested and involved in all kinds of motorsports. I especially love the classic side of it. I have spent many hundreds of happy hours at the side of the track taking part in Scooter Racing photography. As an endurance racer, and a British Champion Scooter Racer – i’ve spent many more an hour on the circuit. It’s a real love of mine!

There has been a lot of interest recently in my old film photographs from the ‘BSSO British Scooter Racing Championship.’ I’ve competed in this and taken photos from the side for many years. Capturing the action on film is a joy for me.

New Book

There is a great new book coming out featuring my film photography, and there has also just been an article on the sport in Scootering Magazine. The book is due out very soon and has cherry picked my best shots. ‘Scootering’ have just published some images that are not being used in the book which you can check out below.

Please follow this link for more of my images on Flickr.

You can see more shots like this in my ‘Automotive‘ section of the website.

Please do get in touch for any more info or to discuss a Scootering project – I’d love to hear from you!

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Scooter Racing Photography
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