Cosmetics Brand Photography Shoot – Luminax Skin
Cosmetics Brand Photography Shoot - Luminax Skin
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Manchester Cosmetics Brand photography Shoot

For the last few years I have been working with Leeds BIPC doing photography talks and tuition and I’ve shot many headshots. It’s a really great organisation for business start ups and founders and I love attending on a monthly basis. I did this cosmetic brand photography shoot for Luminax Skin – a manchester cosmetics brand. Luminax Skin have used some of the BIPC’s excellent services and are now up and running which is no mean feat! Their products are great – I’m actually still using the products from the shoot 🙂

To AI or Not to AI.. That is the question.

It’s great to see Luminax Skin’s website populated with the images from this shoot. As a start up – finances are tight so I did my best to fit into the budget. Part of this was providing AI images. AI is a great way of keeping costs down but still providing high impact images. The technology is getting better and better very quickly and it’s now almost a must for shoots like this. These hero images may still be better shot photographically ‘in camera’ but when cost is an issue I feel that AI can be the way to go. You still have to get the base images correct but after that AI does much of the work. Two of these images are AI – I wonder if you can tell which?

Please note: The amazing and fun model ‘Libby Wild’ is a fully functioning real person!

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Cosmetics Brand Photography Shoot - Luminax Skin
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