House sale Photography

Sometimes when you look at an image you have no idea how much work has gone into it. Why should you though?! As long as it’s a good architectural image. With this in mind, I thought i’d describe how and why I took this image.

This is an architectural image from a series I took of a house that had been up for sale for quite a while without selling. It’s quite an expensive house so the owners though that spending £200 on professional photographs to help sell their house was a good prospect . It worked too – within a few weeks of the photos going online the house had sold.

Just this one image is 5 images compiled together. Parts of the kitchen were very bright and others very dark. For example – on the viewers side of the island it was very dark so this is lit with a flash. On the other side of the kitchen where the windows are it was very bright. This needed to be a completely different exposure, as with the room at the side this needed lighting with flash. All these images are then balanced and put together to create one evenly lit pleasing image.

This was done in all rooms of the house (not so many images comped together) and this presented a lovely looking well lit house.

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House sale Photography

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