Mod Couple Portrait Shoot

My job is so varied and thats largely why I love it. Just recently I was harnessed into the back of a van shooting millions of pounds worth of super cars, the next day I was peacefully in my studio shooting sweets for a 14 year old girls start up business. Often one job can lead to another, I’ve been shooting a lot of scooters recently too and that led onto this portrait session.

Have Vespa will travel

Having scouted out the perfect venue for the shoot I arranged a time, set up my background and lights and waited for the sound of a 2 stroke engine to appear.

We had loads of fun during the shoot, I brought along some Northern Soul to dance too and I chased them round a car park with my camera to get some action shots.

Mod photoshoot Manchester

If anybody else would like a photoshoot with your scooter please get in touch. From a mods point of view Ill go to the dark side and photograph motorcycles too. Just before lockdown a did a great portrait of the Road Wizards Motorcycle club, I’ll post that soon.

mod portrait with scooter
mods dancing
mods riding a scooter