Yoga Photography

I shoot a lot of ‘brand photography’ which generally involves shooting people too. While business owners appreciate the need for good images some people just aren’t comfortable in from of the camera. I get that because I’m not, thats why I hide behind it! I have though, over the years, developed many tips and tricks to make the subject more comfortable and relaxed.

I’ve done plenty of yoga photography and because of the nature of the job I find yoga teachers just click right into the shoot naturally. Darby from Darby Yoga and Barre.

Iconic photography

Toward the end of this yoga photography shoot we wanted a silhouette sunset image but like all shoots like this were resigned to the fact that nature has to play its part. So imagine how excited we were when this Saddleworth photography shoot ended up in this way. As the sun went down we realised that the sunset was going to be stunning and I was hopping from rock to rock like an excited child.

These yoga sunset shots have now become pretty iconic which of course is amazing and in no small part thanks to Darby’s yoga prowess.

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