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Feb 10, 2021 | Architectural

Photography of the new changing rooms at Hale Country Club

During lockdown the very lovely Hale Country Club and Spa had their changing rooms completely renovated. In this post I thought that I would very briefly tell you how these images were shot.

As ever on a shoot time is at a premium so over the years I have developed a method of shooting interiors quickly but still giving that well lit quality you need from a professional shot. Most of these images are several exposures blended together in Photoshop. If this was one just one frame the camera would not be able to expose for the lights, the bright ceiling above the lights and the dark areas all at the same time. Using this method I can manipulate each area as the eye sees it, our eye are such brilliant instruments and many times more efficient than the very best cameras.

The changing rooms have been expertly lit to create a certain atmosphere and it’s up to me to reflect this. As an example look at the actual lights, these are designer items and need to be seen they have been separately exposed. This is similar to when a room has a window and the view through the window needs to be preserved. This editing though has to be done sensitively to ensure that a true and not false look is given to the image.

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