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Jan 22, 2018 | Art, Events, Head Shots

Often when photographing busy actor and actresses you get very little time. I was very pleased to get this job photographing actor, Roger McGough, I’ve always loved his work. He came to my attention when I read ‘The Mersey Sound‘ an anthology of poetry which to my mind is partly at least responsible for 60’s british pop music. Roger Mc Gough now amongst other things presents Radio 4’s ‘Poetry Please’.

I was pleased but when I found out I would have as little as 2 photos to take, well it focuses the mind little. So 2 frames where shot and this is one of them, I had to pre plan and light the shot and just walk Roger into it but nonetheless less I’m really pleased with the image. At the moment it hangs large in Oldham Library.

Roger Mc Gough
Roger Mc Gough

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