Photographing the brand new MG ZS Ev. ‘Driving Electrics Car of the Year 2022’

















Photographing the brand new MG ZS Ev before it was even released was a dream for an automotive photographer. 

It’s a great value EV and has just been voted car of the year.

















































Photographing the brand new MG MG ZS Ev took a lot of planning. I shot the car in a Birmingham studio near to the MG base but haven’t been able to show the pictures until it was released. 

This is just a small selection of the days shoot. We didn’t have the car for too long as it was the only one in the UK at the time, so I had to work fast.

Most of the images you see here are many different images put together in Photoshop. The shot of the full car in 6 images. It’s taken a fair bit of editing but it’s well worth employing this method if time is tight on the shoot day. I lit each individual part of the car and blended the images together.

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