Make Up Artist shoot

I’m lucky enough to be able to shoot a lot of my photography in and around Saddleworth. This shoot was for Olivia Jade, a talented make up artist. This fashion shoot was at Dovestones Nature Reserve and was inspired by the film ‘Where the wild things are’.

The brief was natural images to go with the natural understated make up (natural make up is hard to do). I used the natural light supplemented by flash. It was a winters day and quite dull so I used the flash to bring a bit of pop to the images. I employ the backlighting technique quite often. We have to replicate the sun here in Manchester. This technique involves flash units with one to the rear with a warm orange gel on to give that lovely warm feeling.

Jasmin the middle was brilliant too, its good to work with talented models, to be honest it makes my job a lot more easy.